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Learn to Draw 3 FREE Lessons with Sandra Angelo

Learn to Draw 3 FREE Lessons with Sandra Angelo

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Raise your hand and salute our troops…those who give up so much so to serve!

Have you ever blubbered a heart wrenching “Goodbye” and then bubbled with excitement over a safe… “Welcome Home”?

Today I’m honoring our soldier heroes by giving you a glimpse inside what they give up… kids, pets, spouses, comforts of home. Get out the Kleenix!

Plus curl up in your easy chair and watch these 3 free lessons on your laptop!

  1. Click here to watch my FREE webinar Anyone Can Draw Faces.
  2. Click here to watch a FREE demo: Tips and Tricks for Realistic Hair
  3. Click here to sign up for my Home Study Courses at North Light Shop
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  • Click here and use discount code FACES 101 to SAVE 65% off Retail.

Plus…the first 5 to sign up for ANY of my Home Study Art Courses will get 2 FREE Critiques per course. Offer expires 5.31.11.

Click here for today’s eSHOW… touching video of soldiers and their families.

Watch the video: Episode 6 - 14 Days of FREE Drawing Lessons- 4 Secrets ART Masters Dont Want You to Know (July 2022).


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